Thursday, August 16, 2007

quiet no more

i have been missing in action, i know. but more just hanging out in calgary, returning to nairobi, and resettling into the life i left for 6 weeks than missing. as kenyans say, i was being quiet.

i think i am still processing my trip home, which was evident last night when someone asked me how it went and my answer was, 'good... great... good..., no really, it was good' the good parts were really good and the other parts were tolerable (like the traffic parts and the price of eating out parts and 'i wonder if i could ever live in calgary' again parts).

because the only way i can think of to catch up is to make some lists...

things i will miss after my visit home:
  • driving (and therefore NOT relying on taxi drivers like the one i had last night who was clueless)
  • shopping at winner's with my mom
  • lazy days at cabins with books
  • internet connection at home
  • a dining room table
  • blueberries
  • San Pellegrino sparkling water (if i was ever addicted to a drink, this is it - although it goes against my bottled water policy)
  • summer evening sun
  • clean streets with cars that would pass emissions tests
  • lunching
  • dinners at the Cattlebaron with the fam
  • grasshoppers in the garage
  • breakfast dates, breakfast dates, and more breakfast dates
  • midweek hikes

things i was able to appreciate all over again once returning to nairobi:

  • the birds in the mornings
  • all of the flowers blooming
  • my running route
  • cooking in my kitchen
  • dinner parties
  • monkeys joining us for lunch (and scaring the crap out of me)
  • my housekeeper
  • anchor white cheddar
  • kiswahili (even though i think i have forgotten everything i learned)

and a list of random things:

  • i've been tattooed again and love it
  • what is with strangers 'poking' me or adding me as a friend on facebook?
  • speaking of the fb, i've become a facebook pusher myself
  • i am on a bit of a fitness kick, or at least am planning to get on a bit of a fitness kick
  • i have commited to running 10km in a race in october
  • i finished the book Lullabies for Little Criminals and am recommending it (i love canadian writers)
  • career trajectories, sheesh. sometimes they head where you want, sometimes they do not. today i am feeling more positive than i have been lately, let's hope it sticks
  • wearing mittens to work in august is not cool, but thankfully the weather has changed and with it so has my outlook
  • i have been craving beef lately
  • i just found out that San Pellegrino is owned by Nestle, so i feel even more guilty about my brief, but passionate, relationship with it
  • to make this the most random list of all time - i just cut my lip open eating dried mangoes, ouch


kels said...

first off i want to see a pic of the new tattoo. secondly i am glad to hear that you are feeling more positive towards work...please pass this me. HA HA HA i have lots to tell you about work will send an email soon.

Dan said...

They don't have blueberries there? Well that stinks. I agree with Kels. My first thought was ... photo! Photo!

lu said...

no, sadly no blueberries in kenya. passable raspberries, but i need my favourite berry!!

kristen said...

would dried blueberries do? they aren't as good, but I could send you some. (even though you are a dirty facebook pusher ;-)

lu said...

i overdosed on dried blueberries when i was travelling in central america a few years ago and can still not, to this day, eat them. which is sad, really.

but thank you so much for your offer! i could send you some dried mango but you would have to be very careful when eating it as to not cut your lip open (still not even sure how that happened).