Monday, July 16, 2007

clickity click click

  • i am writing this on my brand spanking new laptop that is silver and very fast (fast, i am sure, because of its shiny silver exterior) and is the product of a lot of generosity and kindness and the help of the geeks at best buy who are indeed geeky as well as helpful (except for the doorknob who tried to sell me a laptop bag by suggesting the selling feature of being able to hold my make-up for when i travel... clearly he doesn't know a thing about the variety of different kinds of women out there and hence, works as a geek at best buy)
  • since when does shipping with cost $6?
  • i am ultra super glad that the stampede is over. i am also very smart even though you can't tell from the sentence i just constructed
  • i get to be a bridesmaid for the first time this weekend and i luckily found a pair of shoes that match perfectly, thank you winners
  • my only complaint about my very fabulous ultra super fast laptop is the clicky-ness of the keys and the fact that i keep missing them and misspelling things
  • i bought the book What Colour is My Parachute and i really hope it helps me figure out not only what colour my parachute is, but what to do with this career i am attempting to build
  • i have a dentist appointment today, which is about as appealing as a swift kick in the junk would be if i had any junk


thephoenixnyc said...

Be nice to your new clickety click. Love her and she will love yo back.

Sara said...

i love a computer that clickety clicks

La Cabeza Grande said...

Door knob? bad!
Super-fast shiny silver clickety-click? Very, very good!