Wednesday, July 11, 2007

cause i'm a list kinda girl these days

  • i went hiking in the foothills yesterday, i am home
  • i spent the afternoon today in a 'meeting' with my best lady where we ate the most wonderful salad and drank afternoon cocktails in her garden
  • blueberries are my favourite berry and janny knows that
  • the stampede has ceased to freak me out and i have got on with my life
  • grasshopper is my current favourite beer
  • i am loving amy winehouse, which might not be so interesting if you are not out of the pop culture loop like me
  • what is with every restaurant in calgary closing at 9 on a tuesday? i thought this city had a million people
  • the proposal that i wrote has been approved and funded - yay for making a difference. or whatever it is i do over there
  • there has been talk already that if this project goes well it should be expanded into other countries. other countries!
  • i love my new birkenstocks, it is about time i paid some attention to my poor indian lady feet
  • i know where i am from and that feels good
  • the chances of me getting another tattoo while i am home are in the 70 - 80 range. out of 100
  • my sister is loving the irishmen and who can blame her
  • i am laptop shopping at the moment and was thinking of an ibook but the more people i talk to, the less confident i am in that decision. the hewlett packard is appealing at the moment. any contributing thoughts on that?

1 comment:

K said...

i love my macbook...i highly recommend one

and that probably was me looking at your blog from paris...

voy a estar en calgary desde el 19 de julio. hoy estoy en espana. ¿vas a estar en calgary antes de la boda de tu amiga?