Wednesday, April 18, 2007

reality hits

in my first day back to regular life in nairobi i...
  • had chocolate cake for lunch
  • came home to my flatmate sitting in his skivvies in the hallway with his laptop on his lap (where a laptop should be, i suppose), with his pants hanging on the stairwell to dry and his shoes and socks discarded on the floor because he had been caught in the rain and then got home to realise he didn't have his house keys, it made me both laugh out loud and appreciate living with such a nut
  • got in trouble from la barracuda for being less than 15 minutes late back from lunch because i was waiting for her sandwich to be made, only for her to then tell me to print off materials for our meeting that she had emailed to me that had to be printed on the printer in her office, seriously? yes, seriously
  • ran into my neighbour that i used to date (which is bound to happen when you inadvertently date your neighbours) and he still has a beard. a beard! it is like a cruel joke
  • found my little brother's ecosystem in my room that he forgot or my mom 'forgot' to pack, it is now on my windowsill to remind me of the days we spent collecting shells, sand dollars, and various sea creatures on the coast of kenya in lamu
  • contemplated trips to ethiopia, egypt, and uganda in the coming months
  • contemplated the amount of debt i could possibly put myself in in the span of a few months
  • then contemplated what the hell i will do with my life and what i want to be when i grow up, which seem to be rather constant thoughts recently

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kels said...

we definitely need to chat...i wish we could go for breakfast.