Friday, April 20, 2007

back to the daily grind, well sorta

in my first week back at work i...
  • got in trouble (as mentioned above)
  • got a whole project to do myself, which really makes me so much happier in this job that i was starting to loathe for various reasons
  • signed my contract and my official title is Junior Programme Associate, which sounds much fancier than my old Assistant title
  • tracked down the thief who stole my chair, but did not retrieve the chair so i am sitting far too low at my desk in a borrowed chair, look like a munchkin, and banged my foot really really hard on the corner of my desk because now i am out of alignment
  • saw a monkey chased out of the parking lot during a meeting
  • went on my first blind date (details to follow)
  • had to stay in bed an extra 3 hours due to a moderate/severe red wine hangover this morning
  • took a 3 hour lunch after i dragged my sorry ass into work for 20 minutes

i realise me complaining about getting in trouble for being slightly late is a bit ridiculous considering my work ethic today so we can all shake our heads together at my behaviour. and i am still laughing at me waking up, dragging myself into the kitchen to locate my phone and gather the strength to make coffee and then bring my coffee and phone back into bed with me as i cursed my askaris and their crackly radio playing annie lennox this morning. i wouldn't have minded if anyone laughed at me either, it was my own damn fault.

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