Monday, December 04, 2006

i've pet a giraffe

it took me 45 days to go through 170 Q Tips. that is an average of 3.7 tips per day. i really need to find a replacement for my overuse of Q Tips. good thing i am going to be seeing my parents this weekend so they can restock me with more of my favourite personal hygiene item. and good that i get to see them too, Q Tips or not!

i have recently perfected the indian head bobble wiggle thing. check out russell peter's comedy shows for the perfect impression that i am doing as i write this but you obviously cannot appreciate. i still have no idea what it means, but after negotiating with the tailor this saturday afternoon (where he really just kept lowering his price, wiggling his head, then asking if we were together on the price - the easiest negotatiations i have ever been involved in) i am now an expert in the move. the secret is in keeping the rest of your body totally still.

the other result of my hour or so spent in the tailor's is that i have a duvet cover and curtains being made to my specifications with the fabric i chose and the design i created. all for less than i'd pay for one set of sheets at home. i love africa.

i also pet a giraffe this weekend. then i fed a giraffe. then a giraffe hit me in the head with its all powerful ear. and there were more baby warthogs! all at a giraffe sanctuary on the edge of town in the swish colonial area. photos forthcoming...

my sunday was spent at a christmas market where i got a slight sunburn. i love standing next to a christmas tree and having to remove your sunglasses for a better view. i managed to purchase another scarf but this time i offered the guy what i had in my wallet, which was far below the price tag, and he actually agreed. as it supports a women's weaving cooperative and i love socially conscious consumption, i feel good about this purchase.

the night before, however, i complimented a woman on her scarf that was tied in her hair and she promptly removed the scarf and insist that i take it. i need to watch who i compliment on what or i might end up with more than i bargain for!


Sara said...

a replacement for your overuse? as in something else to use, or something else to do with that time?
i think my favorite personal hygiene item is exfoliaters (pronounced ES-fol-ia-ter). remember when i scratched the skin right off from over use. at least i knew i was esfoliated.

lu said...

good point, you can't replace one of the greatest inventions of all time. and i guess using that many per day is not really that much. it is just that i actually ran out. a bit traumatising.

i do recall when you esfoliated your skin off. we almost had to restrain you!!

and guess what? those wicked tweezers you got me, they are eff'ed now. not sure what i did to these ones but it was NOT opening a bottle of wine with them (like the last pair i wrecked).

Anonymous said...

Chaparrita! me da mucho gusto saber que tienes una Jirafa como mascota! y saber que las muestras de cariño de su parte son besos en tu cabeza. Espero que tus días en Africa sean maravillosos..
Sólo falta poco para que regrese a Calgary! Sigue escribiendo... me encanta leer tus relatos.
Felicidades por tu Graduación! Saludos, Gaby.