Friday, December 08, 2006


i am excited. i am heading to the airport tonight to catch my overnight flight to london and then to meet my parents at the airport tomorrow morning. i don't remember being this excited to travel in a long time, which is strange considering the places i have had the opportunity to visit recently.

it is strange, i also feel like i might miss something happening in nairobi in a week. i guess that is what you get for still being new in town. but i feel as though i will appreciate all that the english have to offer in my whirlwind trip of the country. and it will be so great to see my grad school friends from all over the world and to spend some family time since i will miss christmas in calgary this year.

and to drink yummy tea.

and to eat fish and chips and/or roast beast.

and to shop with my ma in london.

and to visit my bitty nana.

and to see the peak district again.

and to eat some greasy indian curries.

and to see kevin spacey on stage.

and to get a little christmas cheer.

and maybe, just maybe, to see tony blair and/or hugh grant at heathrow just like in love actually.

oh, and to graduate!


Amie said...

Have a great trip Lara!

kristen said...

Have fun and congrats on the graduation!

Joy said...

Congrats! I am also completely finished of University. It's a long road - and maybe you aren't even completely finished - but for this stage, well done.

frodge said...

You soon be officially British Alumn. Congrats. ,

frodge said...

Wow, my hand slipped all over that message because "You'll soon be . . ." and that's quite the dangling comma.