Friday, October 06, 2006

hurts for a reason

today was an eventful day.

i had breakfast with a friend i had not seen in years. and screwed up when i was trying to order huevos rancheros. i speak one other language besides english and that is spanish. and i screw up the one single spanish thing on the menu and look like someone trying to sound cool when they pronounce the one spanish thing on the menu with the appropriate accent and pronunciation, but i screw it up disastrously. i don't even remember what i said but by the time i got it out properly, i was too far gone to redeem myself with appropriate pronunciation, let alone accent. the ranch eggs were tasty and the visit was even better.

i was interviewed by my high school's newspaper about, well, my life. which i don't think is terribly exciting as it is, well, my life. but the interviewer was great and excited about her own life after high school, which reminded me that i have seen and done a lot since i left those halls.

and speaking of those halls. i had to use the bathroom while i was there (because i love to stay hydrated, so much so that i have used bathrooms in the strangest of places) and i decided to stay out of the bathrooms frequented by students and use the ones at the front of the school. now i am pretty sure the last time i was in those bathrooms was when i was throwing up because i drank too much at a school dance and my then-boyfriend, who was equally inebriated, was peering over the stall to ask if i was ok as two girls (one wearing a pink feather boa) got in a fight behind me and the principal came in to break it up not seeming to notice me barfing in the toilet. talk about a full circle moment.

then i went to get a blood test. then i passed out (but my mom thinks it is nicer to say 'fainted'). i was sitting there, trying to breath deeply and do my best not to pass out and then i remember the nurse asking me to hold the cotton ball to my arm (never a good idea when the person charged with said activity is turning white and keeling over) then asking me if i was ok and i said no. then i woke up with two new (and it must be said, entirely more friendly than the first) nurses yelling at me. i had to lay down while they put cold clothes on my forehead and i tried not to cry. something about fainting and puking that both make me cry.

but then it was all worthwhile as i took myself for coffee (new maple macciato at starby's - meh), started reading a new book (Vinegar Hill, as i anxiously await the arrival of A Suitable Boy - it is about time that i conquer that beast), then went shopping with my sister. and let me tell you people, NOW is a good time to shop, lots of sales and pretty things that i do not need but purchased anyways. but what i did need was to price adjust my last two weeks worth of old navy purchases, for savings over $30 and pants for less than (<) $10. woo who. it almost made up for the passing out. but not quite.

the day was rounded out with a viewing of grey's anatomy and er. what is with me passing out whilst having blood taken then watching hospital shows? an enigma, i tell you. but maybe things do hurt for a reason. so cheesey, so clique, so primetime television, but i love it nonetheless.


K said...

can i tell you how much i love the image of the nurses putting cold pants and sweaters all over you...(that said, i'm glad you didn't hurt yourself when you fainted)

I do have a plan to do some shopping today so I am excited that things are on sale. Were you at chinook? south centre? Where are the sales...WHERE ARE THE SALES. I need to save 8%!

i look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. even though we are both in the same place this weekend, it is probably much easier to get together in the city where you DON'T have a million people to say goodbye to.

lu said...

chinook. old navy. things that are already on sale on 50% off until saturday close. go soon or the ladies with the baby carriages in that store will run you down.

and i meant cloths! whoops.

can't wait to catch up too! and we probably both have fewer people to see in ottawa!

Amie said...

Lara, don't be embarrassed - I have a bit of a fainting problem.
I went for a blood test the other day and I was thinking, "this is no problem" -- and then I had to sit in the waiting room for twenty minutes as the black spots faded with my head between my knees!

Oddly enough, it has never bothered me being in a piercing or tattoo place. But get me in a doctor's office pricked with a tiny needle, and I fall to pieces.

Hope all is well with your last preparations! Take care!