Tuesday, October 24, 2006

and so it begins

(october 23, 2006)

ahhh… first days of work. how i missed the feeling of knowing nothing compared to the other people you work with. i realise it happens in any new job in any city, but to sit around and talk about the security situation in somalia and what it is like to work with all the local governments and who the us is currently giving money to, is fascinating and somewhat exhilarating. i will employ my strongest conceptions of humility and try and absorb as much information and experience as i can in these months that i am sure will pass more quickly than i anticipate.

there was some very brief talk of me possibly going to tanzania, which is rather exciting. not that i know my way around kenya yet and i probably shouldn’t get ahead of myself, but the possibility is rather exciting.

i also spoke to my potential future roommate today and she sounds incredibly friendly and welcoming and i hope to see the house tomorrow. i might be bed surfing for a few weeks as the others move out, but i am sure it will be a lot more uncomfortable and less lurid than it sounds.


Saltwater said...

hello Lu
What a great blog! Very interesting. (I just started one myself for the first time; it's fun.) Keep up the good work- you have one more reader.
Besides, I always wanted to go to Kenya since I read the book "Uhuru" by Robert Ruark about the Mau Mau war in the early fifties. It made Kenya real to me although I never went there.
Stay safe happy and keep on writing.

lu said...

hello saltwater,
i checked our your blog and wanted to leave you a post about finding it strange to find such a strange bug in kansas, but due to the new blogger beta thing, it wouldn't allow me to post. so in the hopes that you come back here, i thought i would say hello and thanks for reading.