Friday, August 18, 2006

an abundance of tumeric

anyone need any bran, raisins, or a cupboard full of spices? i seem to have a lot of these things and cannot make enough muffins to get rid of most of it in the next 4 weeks.

it is coming to that time again, where i have to pick my life up and relocate it somewhere. less than a month left in my little room and since i am so focused on getting my thesis done, i am not even thinking about how i will go about moving my life again. maybe i am subconsciously avoiding it.

i am sick of moving around and yet i think if i were in the same place for too long i would get antsy and bored. then again, i am craving stability and a steady schedule. it seems as though i cannot know where exactly i will be living for a little while yet and where i was entirely certain i was ready to settle myself somewhere, that might not be the case anymore. but while i sit around and wait in the meantime, what do i do with a cupboard full of spices?!


Joy said...


My cooking/baking skills have yet to improve, so I cannot give you any 'sage' advice. However, I am glad to hear things are working out for you on your thesis. The idea that things happen for a reason has been a staple belief of mine for a while now, and it has served me well.

All the best to you on the paper and your move.


K said...

I'm guessing that you wouldn't be allowed your spices in your unchecked luggage...who knows what you could do by combining those things with a little hand lotion, toothpaste and a latte....

lu said...

but what if i taste ALL the spices in front of them? besides the nasty stomach ache i'd get, i'd be able to save my spice cabinet. i should start a campaign - save the spices!