Saturday, June 10, 2006

struggling to organise

i am back and cannot seem to organise my thoughts, so here is another list of sorts...

i spent an hour watching crayfish last weekend in fernie. being with a lake in the mountains reminded me that i cannot be anything but canadian.

but i am applying for my british citizenship so that working is easier in the uk. they still ask for your christian name on the application form, i wonder what mohammed feels like when he has to fill that out.

i went to my sister's graduation this week and although i wished it were me completing my degree, it was awesome to see her walk across the stage. the speech by mannix left a lot to be desired, nothing like a little neoliberal rhetoric to compliment a management school graduation.

i was at the university to do some studying this past week and i had kobe beef. since when did they clean the place up? and i must say that it did not taste as good as it has in the past, i wonder if the clean-up took away some of the could-be beef flavour.

thank you to the man in the suit who i used as a hand rail as i slipped in the pub last night, if i weren't so embarassed by my rather ungraceful partial-split position i would have said more than 'oh my god!' and zipped right into the bathroom.

i thought i was horrible at sudoku, but i am now obsessed. it makes for a great avoidance of reading about globalisation, trade liberalisation, and foreign direct investment. i spent my entire academic career avoiding economics and now i am stuck in the middle of it.

i am sad i am missing the world cup fever in england, but i have bet $20 with my brother that the oilers will win the stanley looks like i might be out some money.

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Joy said...

Like a typical islander, I am in a World Cup pool for soccer where we are not betting money but drinks! When Argentina kicks butt I will be getting quite drunk. Hehe.

As for the fall, I have been there. But I never quite feel graceful anyway :)

Love you, darling! xo