Sunday, February 06, 2011

stuck in chicago

but hopefully not for long!

just a little weather delay, i hope.

one of my biggest irritations about canadians is their belief that they can somehow speak really derogatorily about americans as though we are inherently better by the simple fact that we are not americans.  it is lame and goes against all that we like to pride ourselves on as canadians.

but.  but, i have been at the chicago airport for only a few hours and i am already finding myself want to assert my canadian-ness.  either by being overly polite or enunciating my words or refraining from overusing the word 'like' in conversation.

i am not quite sure why.  i hope it is not coming from the same place that allows canadians to get smug and self righteous.

and a real shame that i couldn't have planned with this delay in mind because they i could've wandered out of security and visited one of my favourite chicago residents!


Sara said...

hopefully you make it to NYC soon!!

lu said...

made it safely and soundly. just a minor hiccup in the windy city and i was on my way!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Yanno, like, I get so, um, sick of hearing how Americans whine and, like, up-talk?

This is the real me speaking now. In truth, I cringe when I hear it. I also have a particular loathing for flat diphthong accent. Grrr.

And am I really one of your favorite Chicagoans? You're a sweetie. Next time we'll plan a real visit. I'm a good tour guide.