Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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i saw Black Swan!  another movie on my Movies To See 2010 spreadsheet that i created over the holidays (no, i am not kidding).  and i did it on the comfort of my own couch (maybe i shouldn't be announcing this on the intertubes, but i just heard on a ted talk that about a bazillion (or maybe something like 15,000?) blogs are started everyday so i am sure my corner of the www is relatively safe from bill gates or whoever it is that patrols the internet looking for people who admit they download and watch pirated movies.

besides, i used to buy this shit at the market in nairobi, which i never saw as being wrong as i was all the way over there in africa (the country), you know.

anywho, back to the movie.

it was ok.  it was not fabulous.  but i sense that everyone is going to go on and on about how fabulous it is simply because it is raw, interesting to watch, a little bizaare at times, and has a famous actress playing a dark role.  and sometimes, that is what art is all about (isn't it?).

the acting is good, i suppose.  the costumes and dancing are fun to watch for someone who is addicted to So You Think You Can Dance (but finds the acronym SYTYCD a little cumbersome).  the story is lame and never gathers enough steam.  and the sex is vulgar and not particularly entertaining.

but the ending is good, so if that is any reason to watch it, there you have it.

i had high hopes and let me just say that i am glad i didn't pay to see it, but that i am glad that i saw it.


k said...

I love a good spreadsheet (just ask the other bridesmaids in my sister's wedding) but for movies? Wow. I am in awe of your geekdom.

Sara said...

i am still undecided if i want to see it or not, but i do like your style by not paying for it.
and by the way, bill gates just forwarded me an email he got from steve jobs telling me they are on to you! maybe they can fix your printer when they stop by to give you a stern warning...

lu said...

oh, the best news is that canon is mailing me a brand new printer! now, it might very well be a problem with the operator, in which case i will have two perfectly functioning printers yet still be unable to print a damn thing.

OR, maybe there really is something that is wrong with it and it might work!

but that was nice of jobs to give you the heads up they are on to me. such a nice guy.