Wednesday, August 11, 2010


things i have done alone:
  • eaten in a restaurant
  • visited museums
  • seen a movie
  • sipped coffees in cafes
  • travelled on trains, planes, buses, and in cars
  • ran some runs
  • moved to new cities
  • rode my bike
  • travelled to new cities and countries on vacation
things i have not done alone:
  • hiked
  • gone out dancing
  • attended a live music show


La Cabeza Grande said...

You know? If neither of us bad been on holiday and had not shared a table in the Cafe American, we wouldn't have had any of these conversations that have taken place over the past 4 years.

Solo travel, solo dining and solo experience doesn't automatically equal lonely. To me, it means autonomy and freedom to go where the winds take me.

lu said...

oh i totally agree!

i think that was my thoughts behind putting the question mark behind "lonesome" because i cherish those alone experiences as much as i do those with others.

AND, it opens up the door to new experiences and new people!!