Monday, June 16, 2008

military serendipity

as i watched today's bbc coverage of the 5 british soldiers killed in combat in afghanistan in as many days, i had trouble with the images of the 5 coffins draped in the union jack being unloaded from a plane.

i don't know if i think things happen for a reason. on most days, i would say no. but these days, i tend to agree with the soldier when he thinks they do.

he left the army in early 2008 and has a few more months to go before he is a civilian. and he just found out that his regiment will be deployed to afghanistan shortly after he is out.


La Cabeza Grande said...

When faced with feeling relief or guilt, I'd say serendipity is the wisest choice. The loss of his comrades is sad beyond measure, but fate has chosen not to put your soldier in harm's way.

K said...

wow. that must be weird for him. i think i might feel a combination of relief and guilt all in one breath if i was in a situation like that.