Monday, March 17, 2008

nearly rwanda ready

(march 16, 2008)

i was feeling rather unprepared to visit a new country and hike up a volcano to see some gorillas, but i have managed to make a plan of action on how to get all the things i need to get done before i leave. i have found myself a dashing pair of waterproof(ish) trousers, have decided not buy new hiking boots, and will do my best to pack my raincoat and remember all the goodies that i am delivering to friends (things like toothbrushes and bug spray, which makes me wonder what you can get in rwanda, and easter treats).

i have my gorilla permit, my plane ticket, and will get a visa when i land. i am going to make granola to take on the hike, load up with books for relaxing time, and make sure my camera batteries are charged. i need to change some money, find out if i can use my phone without getting a new sim card, and do the packing that i so dread.

but i am going to rwanda in just a few days.


La Cabeza Grande said...

How exciting - and a bit scary. At least from my urban living perspective!

Have fun and be careful. Can't have anyone carry you off King Kong style, Lu!

You'll get some breathtaking photos, I'm sure.

K said...

cool...and crazy at the same time.

kels said...

lu i have not heard from you in awhile. hope you are well and be safe!